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One Eye Cat Studio


A great live recording room which is 22 foot by 12 foot.

For more possibilities with the overhead drum microphones & acoustic guitar there is a 8 foot ceiling.

There is even a small place to relax or listen to the fresh tracks.

A small but efficient control room is separated from the remainder of the studio.



The heart of the control room is the Mac mini with Cubase 6 for endless possibilities of recording and editing.

To ensure that you hear your tracks properly a pair of powered speakers M-Audio bx5a (flat) and a Yorkville YSS1 active studio sub woofer are in the room. A home stereo system is also used so that you can hear a preview of what your tracks will sound like, this way, you can save time and money by hearing something close to a final product and you can make any adjustment necessary before having it mixed and mastered.

You can always bring your own equipment but if you don't feel like moving your drums there is a drum kit and variety of snare drums available onsite.

Presonus fire studio tube which has 16 mono inputs, 13 are pre- amps , 5 of those pre-amps are tube and 6 outpouts.

Over 16 different microphones, including brands like : Sure, Audiotechnica, Apex (condenser) Berringer ( condenser) Cad drum mics are on site to ensure that the microphones used captures your vision properly. A variety of cables are also available onsite in case a cable brakes or is forgotten.

The studio is a great place to record Album, demo or EP at a very reasonable price and good quality. The most recent project being the 3rd album for Shades of Sorrow which is now completed, the studio is now available for bookings.

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